Pfeiffer's Famous Beer Resurrected in Anaheim, CA
Pfeiffer's Brewing Ephemera Collage

New brewery.

Same good ole flavor for over a century.

Pfeiffers Blimp
Pfeiffers Blimp

Long before The Four Tops and Motown, even before “Motor City” and Henry Ford, there was Pfeiffer’s Famous Beer.

Detroiters have always been makers. We made shoes, soaps, varnishes, cars, hell, even hoop skirts. We invented the railroad refrigerator car, ice cream soda, and personal telephone numbers. And we made damn fine beer. Somewhere between Detroit’s first skyscraper and the golden era of cars, we started Pfeiffer’s, a beer for the everyday builders that made America. A Prohibition and two world wars later and a lot has changed. We’re resurrecting our good ol’ after-hours beer for a new generation.


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